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Stock video, also known as stock footage, is a film clip or piece of video content that is often inserted into larger productions.

Whatever you call it, using stock footage for your video project saves you time, money and also saves effort shooting new material. No more days spent looking for locations, equipment, operators and so on. Additionally, between hiring video professionals and actors, the costs add up.

So, if saving time and money sounds good to you, you'll love VideoHive!

VideoHive is home to a huge selection of royalty-free stock video footage to meet your project's unique needs. Our collection includes everything from corporate and business videos to fireworks. Take a look through our nature collection for forests, oceans and mountains to single elements like smoke, fire and water droplets. We even have animated sketches and cartoons. Need a specific style? No problem, you can find slow motion, stop motion and time lapse.

Whatever you're looking for, you're sure to find video footage that suits your needs in our collection.